Task Management Application - Asp.Net Source Code

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This application is a base solution for your next web application not only Task Management but also other applications.


  • Calendar : A calendar which you can see all tasks and you can navigate to related page. You can see monthly , daily and weekly datas on this calendar.
  • Companies, Individuals and Projects : You can follow your Task Management and CRM related datas.
  •  Users , Roles , Authorizations and Menus : Menu is collected on database and you can authorize then assosiated with User and Roles .
  • Login/Logout Users : Login/Logout Users are shown on Login/Logout Users page
  • Creating Menu : You can insert new menu on database and after authorizations by user and roles you can dynamicaly see on the application.
  • Reports : You can easily create reports and see on the application.
  • Mailing : You can easily send mail from the application after set mail info on web.config


  • Asp.Net  MVC Framework
  • Visual Studio 2015 +
  • Sql Server 2016 +
  • C# , Sql , Html , Javascript , Jquery  , Css Knowledge


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